If you asked how our business started, my mom would smile and say, “It all started in a shoebox on our bed.” That was back in 1976.

I remember that shoebox as it filled with orders and receipts. From its inception my parents taught me the business from the ground up starting at the age of 10, filing catalogs for 0.25¢ an hour. Over the years, they groomed me to one day take over the business having me do a variety of jobs from typing orders, managing our small warehouse, printing caps, shipping products etc. Upon graduation, I hit the road and worked as a commission saleswoman.

Years later, I left the business to raise a family, but my parents knew that when my boys were grown I would return to take over at a time when Dad (Lacy Brown) would be ready to retire. In 2010 I returned with Dad teaching me all the changes that had occurred over the years. In 2012 I officially became owner of Lacy Brown Specialty Advertising LLC. My mom (Norma Kay) retired and passed away in 2015. In a reversal of roles, Dad now works for me as my office manager with lots of time available to go hunting and enjoy retirement. One of my boys is in college studying for his PhD in Organic Chemistry and the other has just graduated as a double major with two degrees in Computer Science Programming.

Our logo represents my Christian family. The sun represents my mom. Until dementia settled in, she was always sending uplifting cards, taking meals to others and helping those in need with a bright warm smile. The deer represents my dad who loves to hunt and is always telling me to hurry up and get the order done with promptness. When it comes to sales, you won’t be dealing with a person sitting in front of a computer with a headset or trying to navigate a website figuring out how to upload art at the right size and specs, design an item or even locate an item. You will be working with me – the owner – following our family tradition of personalized service, enabling you to focus on your own business and customers.

Over the years we have developed a wide array of customers from military bases around the world, to Fortune 500 companies, to local family owned and operated businesses.

Many people know me as a statewide journalist with Farm & Ranch News, a now retired publication after which I started Ag News Today LLC.

Knowing the Ag industry and the importance of its youth – we are proud supporters of 4-H and FFA. 

With over 38 years of advertising specialty promotion expertise we try our best to always offer our customers a choice (when available) of made in USA or imported advertising specialty promotional products.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. With access to over 750,000 items we can help.


Thanks- Stephanie Lbsa2159@yahoo.com